circadian cyrcle

Circadian Rhythms – Sync Your Sleep-Wake Cycles

A circadian rhythm is the cycle of biological activity that occurs approximately on a 24 hour cycle. Interestingly the cycle requires external cues such as light, timing of eating and…

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Perimenopause and the Menopausal Transition

Perimenopause and Menopause – What you need to know about HRT

Every female will eventually pass through perimenopause and menopause. There is no way to avoid it. However, how a woman experiences these phases of her life will vary significantly from…

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Migraine Prevention with Holistic Medicine

Migraine Prevention – How Holistic Medicine can relieve Migraines

Most people have heard of migraines. Heck, tens of millions of people the world over have endured the typically excruciating experience, and some people are even chronic sufferers. Before we…

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Integrative Medicine – A Holistic View on Health

Integrative medicine is a comprehensive approach to health and well being that takes into account the whole person and therefore all the factors that influence health, wellness and disease for…

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Edge Wellness: The ins and outs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many people have heard of IBS (or irritable Bowel Syndrome) in some way or another, and as such, we at Edge Wellness feel it’s important to offer some insight and…

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Endometriosis – What Women Need to Know

Endometriosis is thought to affect up to 10% of women and even higher in those experiencing infertility. So what is endometriosis and what is the management of this condition that…

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Signs Your Thyroid Isn’t working properly, and what you should do about it

We all know that life can be exhausting. With the responsibilities of parenthood, the rigours of a demanding workplace, and the everyday stresses that we all encounter at some stage…

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Feeling Depressed? It Could Be Your Thyroid

How an underactive thyroid can be making you miserable When we’re feeling emotional, irritable, or just plain sad, most of us naturally attribute the shift to faulty, neurological wiring, right?…

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Anxiety – Don’t Let it Rule You

We all have moments of anxiety, especially facing challenging situations. However for an increasing number of people, anxiety is present even with simple everyday situations such as social gatherings or…

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Insomnia – Simple Tips to Get Some Sleep

Insomnia is becoming more frequent in our modern, busy society and although it may not be life threatening, it can have a significant impact on quality of life. Usually there…

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