How is Physical Activity Good for Health and Wellbeing?

We know how exercise is essential for keeping our bodies in tip-top shape. But keep in mind, the health benefits of staying active go far beyond our physical body; it transcends our mind, soul, and overall quality of life.

Benefits of Physical Activity

There’s a whole wealth of benefits you can reap from keeping up an active lifestyle, from getting better sleep and more energy to adding years to your life. In this blog, we’ll explore how an active lifestyle can help you feel better and live healthier.

Improve Your Mood

Feeling down? Or are you having a stressful day? I bet a quick run outdoors can lift your spirits. There’s a reason you’ll feel better: physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals, such as endorphins, boosting your mood and relieving you of stress, anxiety, depression, and even anger. So take this opportunity to breathe the fresh air outside and enjoy the scenery. All these combined with physical activity will help you turn your mood around.

Stay Fit & Able

Age isn’t how you lose your strength; it’s actually a lack of exercise. Depriving yourself of regular physical activity will eventually make your body weak. Chances are, you’ll lose your strength and stamina, making it harder for your body to function properly. On the other hand, regular exercise will increase your muscle strength, allowing you to do things more easily. This way, even as you age, you’ll be able to keep doing the things you love.

Lower Your Blood Pressure & Boost Good Cholesterol

Worried about your high blood pressure? A good amount of regular physical activity boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Also known as the “good cholesterol”, HDL decreases triglycerides, which can cause cardiovascular diseases if they are in excess.

Apart from these, exercise can help prevent and manage many other diseases such as strokes, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndromes, depression and anxiety, various cancers, arthritis, and much more.

Boost Your Energy System

Are you constantly tired? Regular exercise improves your muscle strength, thus increasing your endurance. This kind of physical activity also delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues, boosting your cardiovascular system. An active lifestyle, therefore, improves your heart and lung health, so you can have more energy to tackle your day.

Improve Sleep Quality

Struggling with insomnia? Fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly with regular physical activity. Studies show that walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, and other aerobic exercise will help you fall asleep faster, and sleep longer and deeper, making for better overall sleep quality.

Increase Your Life Expectancy

What’s the secret to living longer? Physical activity! Those who live an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight live approximately seven times longer than those who do not. Essentially, staying active, especially during your later years, helps prevent chronic illnesses associated with aging. Adults with an active lifestyle will maintain their quality of life and independence for longer as they age.

Get More Physical Activity Easily

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is easier than you think! You don’t have to forgo time with friends or family, or spend gruelling hours at the gym. Follow these steps, and you’ll be surprised how simple it is to live healthier and better.

Set Goals & Track Your Progress

Whether you want to become stronger or have a healthier heart, setting a goal will give your physical activities a more definite purpose. It will also give you direction and help you progress and achieve more. Make a timeline and plan out a few simple ways to accomplish an easy goal. Once you’ve reached it, you can set the bar higher with a new goal and repeat the cycle. Before you know it, you’ll be finding yourself achieving 10,000 steps a day or running a marathon.

Try & Do a Little Each Day

Fitting an intense exercise regimen in an already-busy schedule leads to burnout. Instead, plan your day smarter and let your body adjust. This helps you stick to your program more easily. Besides, 30 minutes of good physical activity a day goes a long way! According to studies, 3 10-minute exercises of your choice are just as good as one longer session.

Choose Sports & Recreation Activities You Enjoy

When it comes to keeping active, the trick is doing something you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like work. Plus with most sports, you’ll find teamwork, competition, and the overall communal spirit motivate you to push on and be better. Try your local sports league, Zumba class, or running club and see what works for you.

Take Control of Your Health & Wellbeing Today

Studies recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. So, with just 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, you’ve got this in the bag. Just remember, there are more ways to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle than you might think. Set your goals and start your journey now.

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