Is Plastic Surgery Worth It?

When people talk about “plastic surgery”, they’re often referring to cosmetic surgery. While both procedures change your appearance, they’re done with different purposes in mind and give different results. Today, we’ll differentiate the two and discuss why more people are turning to cosmetic surgery. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll gain some clarity on whether cosmetic surgery is worthwhile for you.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are very closely related, but not the same. So yes, it can be confusing as most people use the terms interchangeably. Even some doctors do. But if you want to get the best doctor for the procedure you want, it’s essential to know the most skilled surgeon in that area of specialty.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery alters a person’s body part to improve their appearance and help with their self-esteem. These are elective procedures, meaning there is no medical necessity and they are performed by choice. Hence, you can expect insurance to not cover these procedures.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:

  • Breast Enhancements: Breast Lifts, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reductions
  • Facial Rejuvenation: Facelifts, Eyelid Lifts, Neck Lifts, Brow Lifts
  • Body Contouring: Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, Gynecomastia Treatments
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Laser Resurfacing, Botox®, Filler Treatments

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a broad field of surgery that covers both cosmetic procedures and reconstructive procedures. While cosmetic is purely for aesthetics, reconstructive surgery focuses on repairing issues caused by congenital deformities; tumour removals, like cancer; trauma; or other reasons. 

Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures:

  • Breast Reconstructions
  • Burn Repair Surgery
  • Congenital Defect Repairs: Cleft Palate, Extremity Defect Repairs
  • Lower Extremity Reconstructions
  • Hand Surgery
  • Scar Revision Surgery

Why Do People Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Many Australians consider having cosmetic surgery to improve how they feel about their appearance. Despite the rise of size acceptance and body positivity in our culture, many have gone to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. In fact, the number of people getting something done with their appearance has increased steadily for the past five years. But with much more love, acceptance and positivity around, why are more and more people getting something done? 

Body Acceptance & Positivity

It may sound counterintuitive, but body acceptance influences the rise of cosmetic surgeries. Because we are more accepting of the different types of bodies, body positivity celebrates not only natural beauties but also those that have gone under the knife. We are now much more comfortable owning our self-care rituals that people even post cosmetic surgery journeys on social media. Gone are the days of plastic surgery as a taboo in our society.

Advanced Technology

As technology progresses, so do cosmetic procedures, instruments and products become safer and more reliable. We saw a revolution in non-surgical treatments when lasers were utilised and continuously improved. We have also been given more procedural options in obtaining our desired results. For example, our wrinkle treatment is not only limited to Botox anymore. We now have four on the market, with Jeuveau being the latest approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Improved Affordability

Not too long ago, cosmetic surgery was only affordable for the ultra-rich. But now, it’s normal to see anyone from the working class get an aesthetic procedure. Both surgical and non-invasive procedures have become more affordable, especially with more financing options from payment plans, credit cards and personal loans.

More Health Benefits

In some cases, cosmetic treatments can give you great health benefits. For instance, Botox has been helpful with conditions such as chronic migraines, excessive sweating and Bell’s palsy. Plastic surgery made way for people who have lost a lot of weight to get rid of extra skin that can cause rashes and infections. Many women who have breast reductions also often get relief from disc or back issues.

Strengthens Self-Image

The number one reason people get cosmetic procedures is to improve their self-esteem and confidence. People want to become their best selves, and, to some people, cosmetic procedures can become an avenue for self-improvement.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Under a Knife

The healthiest reason for getting cosmetic surgery is to improve your self-image or the way you see yourself. A strong self-image makes you more confident, more efficient in work and social situations, and comfortable with your relationships.

Why Do You Want Cosmetic Surgery? 

Are you getting cosmetic surgery for yourself or someone else? Figure out what you truly want and not what others want for you.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

Cosmetic surgery can dramatically alter and improve your appearance, but it has limitations. That’s why having realistic expectations is important. Discuss with the surgeon your goals, so they can assess whether your goals are reasonable.

Are You Emotionally Prepared? 

If you’re going through an emotional crisis, such as divorce, death of a spouse or loss of a job, it may not be the best time to undergo a procedure. Unfortunately, altering your looks will not change your situation nor save you from your mental and emotional struggles. That’s why surgeons are reluctant to give cosmetic surgery to people with depression or other mental health conditions. 

Can You Handle Unexpected Results? 

Cosmetic surgeons are not gods. Their capabilities are limited; thus, they cannot guarantee results. Unexpected outcomes may be rare, but they can get distressing when they happen. Think of the worst-case scenario and ask yourself whether you’re willing to take that risk. If your results aren’t good, note that it will take time, patience, and mutual trust between you and your doctor to work on a solution or improvement.

Where Can You Get Support?

It’s crucial to have someone support you physically and emotionally during your recovery. You may have days when you feel down as you go through your healing process. Think about who will be there to help you, and make sure to decline offers of help from people who may be critical of your decision.

Can You Afford Cosmetic Surgery?

Health insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery. So be sure to know all the costs, the payment options, what you can afford and what it’s worth to you.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

Consider your answer to all these questions. If you still think you’re prepared and are willing to take the risks, then good for you! Consult with your doctor and do your due diligence to find the best surgeon for your procedure. 

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