We provide quality health
care for our clients

Edge Wellness is a multi-disciplinary health clinic with a unique team of practitioners experienced in treating a wide range of illnesses using an integrative approach. Our team is highly respected, innovative and well experienced.

We are becoming more than a medical clinic – we are part of a movement of caring health professionals that practise medicine differently, helping people live a better life through nutrition, movement and wellness.

Preventative medicine

Maintenance of wellness to prevent the possibility of disease

Holistic medicine

Utilising a personalised approach that may include diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle modifications and stress management along with Western medicine where required.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Individualised programs for achieving and maintaining wellness

Long Term Treatment Programs

Ensuring that the goals of health and vitality are maintained on a long term basis


Our Medical Staff

Our medical staff have taken a different path to conventional General Practitioners in that they seek to achieve wellness rather than merely  treating symptoms or a disease.

Dr Lyn Tendek
Medical Practitioner
Dr Nabilah Islam
Medical Practitioner