What Is a Compounding Pharmacy & Why You Need to Find Your Nearest One?

Noticed a compounding pharmacy in your area? You’re likely not the only one. These innovative compounding chemists are the next big thing. And we’ll tell you why.

In order to get the most out of each day, your health needs to be one of your top priorities. Part of taking care of your health is addressing any illness or ailment you may have with diagnosed medication. However, accessing medication that meets your exact needs can be tricky, and this is where a compounding pharmacy can make all the difference. Rather than settling for medication that creates follow-up issues, why not source compounded medicines that have been specially made with you in mind? Through the services offered by compounding chemists, you can have medicines in the exact form and dosage you require. This service gives you a greater capacity to be the healthiest version of yourself. 

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy is essentially a chemist that makes individual medicines for each client based on their specific needs and medical history. These medicines are made “from scratch” in the sense that they are produced from raw materials, which are compounded together to match the exact dosage required by the patient. The final product is a medicine that is not otherwise available in the average chemist. This process of customising medicines can have incredible results, as it gives individuals a greater chance of healing from and coping with their ailments or illnesses. It should be noted, however, that you can only access compounded medicines through the use of a prescription.

What Are the Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy?

The benefits of a compounding pharmacy are numerous, but the main positive is that they offer a more inclusive range of medication options. This means improved medical care for you, your family and even your pets. 

When you source your medication from a compounding chemist, you have control over things like the dosage, ingredients, and even the form it takes. You might, for example, want your medication in a higher or lower dosage than that which is available on the market. For instance, a lot of parents source compounded medicines for their babies, as infants only require small dosages of certain medications. 

Compounded chemists also give you greater control over the ingredients included in your medication. This is especially useful for people who have allergies or specific dietary requirements. Through compounding, ingredients such as lactose, alcohol and preservatives can be excluded from the final product. Should you request it, a compounding pharmacist might even be able to make your medication vegan. 

You can also choose to receive your medication in the form of pills, gels, rapid-dissolving tablets, patches and much more to suit your needs. This is enormously helpful if you struggle to take your medicine due to palatability issues, which could be related to texture and taste. Having control over variables like these means that compounding pharmacies can even make medications specifically for your pets. 

Whatever medication you need, a compounding chemist can provide it to you.

How to Find Your Nearest Compounding Pharmacy

A quick google search should show you your nearest compounding pharmacy, but it’s also important to choose a pharmacy you know you can trust. 

A good compounding pharmacy is one that offers a variety of services, including wellness plans, screenings for major illnesses and the provision of advice about your prescription medications. They should essentially be focused on solving the problems that get in the way of patients gaining access to their medications. These problems might be related to palatability, allergies, dosage, formulations or the discontinuation of certain products. 

If you live in the areas surrounding Bondi or Broadway, you’ll have easy access to Fresh Therapeutics. Fresh Therapeutics is a compounding pharmacy that uses state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to create tailor-made medications, and have been satisfying customers for many years. 

Address Your Health Concerns Today!

If you’re struggling to find a medication that suits you, get in contact with a compounding pharmacy right away. Postponing the process will only exacerbate your health issues, and organising compounded medication will be easier than you think. Keep in mind that while the majority of compounded medications can be produced within a day, it may take a few days if the ingredients need to be sourced. It is therefore better to provide a prescription as soon as possible. At compounding pharmacies such as Fresh Therapeutics, you can order your prescription either in person or by filling in a simple online form. 

To connect with a reliable compounding pharmacy in the Bondi or Broadway areas, reach out to Fresh Therapeutics today!

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