6 Easy Ways to Make Your Beauty Regimen Eco-Friendly

If you want to learn how to live more sustainably, you have to understand why the way we live matters in the first place. Choosing sustainable beauty products, like reusable cotton buds or face wipes, makes a difference because it helps to minimise pollution and conserve natural resources. Just imagine the amount of plastic and hard materials used in the packaging of beauty products alone. Not only are these materials typically non-biodegradable, they can lead to the depletion in our essential resources. Thankfully, you can do simple things to make a big difference. We’ll teach you how! These 6 things are super easy to do, so you can incorporate them into your everyday beauty routine.

Recycle Your Jars & Containers 

Recycling is the key to minimising waste. You don’t have to throw away the jars and containers that hold your make-up, serums, lotions and moisturisers. Instead, you can have them refilled with the same products or use them to store other liquids. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can even get crafty and convert your jars into pen or brush holders. Before you purchase a beauty product too, check out its packaging and read the recycling label to see how they can be repurposed.

Switch to Reusable Makeup Pads & Buds

Single-use cotton pads are often non-biodegradable due to the plastic coating they have to maintain their structure. Cotton buds are also difficult to break down, as they usually come with a plastic stick. To make matters worse, both products are designed to be used only once before they’re discarded. This means that if you use these products, you’re probably throwing away loads of them every week. 

Instead of using these harmful, single-use products, consider trying reusable makeup pads and buds. These are not only great eco-friendly replacements but also gentler alternatives for your skin. Reusable makeup pads or face wipes are soft, highly absorbent and easy to wash. Similarly, reusable beauty buds are made of super soft, lightweight and durable silicone, unlike regular cotton buds. Just disinfect them or wash them with soapy water, and they’re ready for action. So for removing make-up and applying toners and serum, opt for reusable pads and buds every time. 

Go Easy on the Water

Although 71% of the earth is covered in water, only 1% of it is available to sustain our planet. Thus, wasting water can profoundly impact our world. So when you take a bath, wash your face or do anything that requires water, make sure you don’t leave the water running. If you’re cleaning your makeup brushes or completing your skincare routine, be mindful of how much water you use too.

Repurpose Your Old Beauty Tools

Before you throw away your used beauty tools, try to find a way to reuse them. For example, you can take out the wand of your mascara, clean it and reuse it. You can then use it as an eyebrow comb to keep your brows neat or as a cleaning brush for small, narrow vials or even metal straws.

Recycle & Earn

A lot of environmentally conscious stores now offer incentives for returning used packages and refilling empty containers. Keep this in mind when deciding where to shop and make the most out of these opportunities. Not only can you minimise waste, you can get amazing discounts from your favourite brands!

Shop With Reusable Bags 

Choosing reusable shopping bags might seem like a simple action, but it has a dramatic impact on the environment. Those one-use plastic bags and even brown paper bags generate a lot of waste. Besides pollution, many marine animals mistake irresponsibly thrown-away plastic bags for food, causing them to die or dramatically affect their health. A lot of reusable bags are also stronger and easier to carry, making them quite handy for carrying your precious beauty products. 

Be Responsible With Your Beauty Routine!

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