5 Reasons Why Your Skin Will Love a Make-Up-Free Day

Make-up can be a fun way to express your creativity and enhance your beauty, but not letting your skin breathe can be unhealthy. It notoriously clogs your pores, causing breakouts and other skin issues. While many make-up brands today give us a good selection of products suitable for every skin type and offer some benefits, going bare now and then is the best treatment you can give your skin. Here are our 5 top reasons to put down the make-up brush this morning.

Gives Your Skin a Chance to Rejuvenate & Rid Itself of Toxins

Because your make-up sits on top of your skin, it can act as a barrier that interferes with your skin’s adaptations to the weather, humidity, and pollution. Hence, you’re more prone to oiliness, dryness, redness, and congestion. Going bare gives your skin an opportunity to recalibrate and perform at its best. Letting your skin breathe also allows it to rejuvenate and detoxify. 

Do you want to make the most out of your make-up free day? You can use a clarifying mask to help your skin get rid of harmful toxins. You can even steam your face to open the pores to sweat out impurities from make-up and pollution. 

Promotes Skin Cell Growth

Skin cell growth happens when new skin cells are pushed up to the surface of your skin, and your old cells begin to shed from the surface. When we leave make-up on for too long, especially when we sleep, it traps the dead skin cells, keeping them from shedding off and resulting in a dull complexion. Going make-up free allows epidermal cell turnover to continue without hindrance, so you’ll have more youthful-looking and glowing skin. 

Skin is Exposed to Fewer Bacteria

If you put your make-up and brushes under the microscope, you’ll see how bacteria thrive in your brushes and palettes. No matter how often you wash your cosmetic brushes or how many preservatives are added to your make-up, bacteria can still live on them. Eyeliners and mascara, in particular, expose your very sensitive eyelid margins to bacteria. What’s more, many people apply their make-up in the bathroom, which can expose your make-up and tools to other types of bacteria. 

Limiting your use of make-up lessens your skin’s exposure to these bacteria.

Reduce Prominence of Fine Lines

Loose powder, and even some types of foundation and concealers, can sit in your fine lines and wrinkles, making them more pronounced. Plus, the tugging and pulling of skin when removing your make-up every night can affect your skin’s elasticity, making it age more. 

Gives You a Chance to Love the Natural Beauty of You & Your Skin

Let your natural beauty shine by going make-up free! While make-up certainly catches attention and enhances your features, nothing beats your true, natural beauty. When you let yourself go make-up free, you’ll see everything that hides under make-up and learn to love yourself more. It may seem awkward and uncomfortable at first, but you will grow more confident with your natural beauty over time. What’s more, you’ll be doing your skin a huge favour: going bare leads to healthier, youthful, better-looking skin!

When’s Your Next Make-Up-Free Day?

There are so many benefits to a simple make-up-free day! Not only will it make your skin healthier, more youthful, and glow, but it will also boost your confidence in your natural beauty. So, pack away your make-up and cosmetic tools and embrace your stunning natural beauty!

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