5 Tips for Salon-Quality Hair From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Leaving the hair salon with renewed confidence is a great feeling. There’s something about a fresh cut that can elevate our self esteem and make us excited for the next social outing. But wouldn’t it be great to feel that way all the time? With so many specialist hair care gift packs on the market, the post-salon look is becoming more and more accessible in our everyday lives. By incorporating a few new habits into our routines and using the best, most appropriate hair products for our needs, we can all achieve that desired look from home!

1. Choose High-Quality Products That Suit Your Hair Type

Not all hair products are created equal, and some will do much more for your hair than others. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option at the supermarket, we encourage you to select your hair products thoughtfully. Speak to your hairdresser to figure out what hair type you have — it could be greasy, thin, thick, frizzy or soft — and find hair products that will work with your hair, rather than against it. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners that have been specially designed for certain hair types, and these will give you the post-salon look you desire. Also, be sure to go for highly regarded brands that have positive reviews. This rule is relevant when choosing any kind of hair product, including those designed for temporary hair colouring. Making informed decisions will make a huge difference in the health, texture and appearance of your hair. 

2. Wash Your Hair Like a Professional

For many of us, getting our hair washed is the best part of a trip to the hairdresser. It’s a chance to truly relax, especially when it involves a nice head massage. Even better, we’re often left with incredibly soft, silky hair afterwards. Believe it or not, this is an experience that can be easily replicated at home. You might not be able to convince someone else to do the head massage, but you can definitely learn how to leave your hair feeling fresh. 

There are several steps you can take to ensure an effective hair washing session. Firstly, it can help to shampoo twice. You don’t have to do this every time you wash your hair, but for a deep clean, it’s very useful. The first wash can be shorter, and is mostly for removing styling residue. On the second wash, let the shampoo sink in a bit more to really unleash its cleansing properties. You should also take time to massage the product into your head. Hairdressers don’t complete this step just to pamper you — it actually ensures thorough washing and stimulates the hair follicles to grow. 

Once you’ve finished massaging your hair, be sure to rinse all the product out as thoroughly as possible. Leaving product in your hair can damage the strands and leave your hair looking flat and dull. In fact, the only products that should remain in your hair are oils and heat protectors applied to the hair after washing. It is also helpful to turn the shower down a few degrees towards the end of your rinse. Cold water seals the hair and stops it from breaking, keeping it in immaculate condition. 

Finally, try not to wash your hair too often. Unless you have a very oily scalp, once to twice a week should be enough, perhaps with some rinses in between just to get the dirt out.

3. Be Cautious With Heat 

Using heat to style your hair can be a great method of achieving shampoo-commercial sleekness or perfect curls. However, heat is a double-edged sword, and it can cause problems when employed haphazardly. Be cautious when you use heat, and make sure you follow the guidelines suggested by specialists. For example, in the case of using a blow dryer, there are several steps you can follow to achieve the desired look: 

  • Use a moderate to high heat setting on a good-quality hair dryer
  • Hold it as close as possible to the hair without actually touching the strands
  • Aim down so the air blows from root to tip, or, if you have curly hair, tip your head upside down and blow dry upwards. 

Keep in mind that you should not be using heat on your hair daily. Invest in high-quality heating tools, rather than cheap, ineffective straighteners and curling irons. It is also incredibly important that you use heat protective products whenever necessary. Add a heat protector spray or serum to your hair before using a straightener, curler or blow dryer to avoid drying out and dulling your hair. 

4. Regularly Engage With Extra Hair Care

Extra hair care refers to products besides shampoo and conditioner that promote hair health. Often, we are so busy finding products to create pin-straight hair, beach waves or perfect curls, we forget to invest in products that are beneficial for hair health alone. Completing hair care will not only leave your hair strong and soft, it will actually encourage shine and create a better look overall. For example, using a hair mask twice a week will nurture your hair and leave a wonderful scent. You can also find hair care gift packs that include multiple products for nourishing your hair, such as specialist oils.

5. Buy Satin or Silk Pillowcases

We love this tip, as it helps retain the post-salon look and also encourages you to be a little bit luxurious! Satin or silk pillowcases help to maintain your salon hair for longer, as these materials are softer and will allow your hair to slide around as you sleep. Cotton, on the other hand, can undo your hairstyle and push it out of shape, as the hair will rub against this material in a more aggressive manner. 

Start Your Journey Towards Salon-Quality Hair

If you’re ready to have the strong, healthy, perfectly styled hair you’ve always wanted, start by finding the ideal products for your hair. To give yourself the best chance of finding the right stuff for you, we recommend finding a trusted hair care store that offers a wide range of items. Australian beauty supplier Bellezza is a great choice, as they offer products from renowned brands such as Angel Dancoly, Biolage and Schwarzkopf to give you the professional look you crave. So shop Bellezza products now!

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