What Sets Japanese-Style Massages Apart From the Rest?

Everyone loves a massage. In fact, a professional massage treatment is one of the most effective forms of self-care there is, offering incredible mental and physical benefits. Recently, more people have also been getting Japanese-style massages, which come with their own unique collection of benefits. If you’re new to Japanese massages, you might be uncertain as to whether this type of treatment is for you. You might even find it scary or uncomfortable to stray from the treatments you’ve always had. If this is you, it might be a good time to learn the differences between a standard massage and a Japanese-inspired treatment. Exploring different forms of massage therapy will help you find the most effective way to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

What Is Involved in a Regular Massage?

If you’re not super familiar with regular massages, they’re essentially designed to improve your overall wellbeing and health by kneading or manipulating your muscles. Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions to still exist today and it can be used to fix a number of ailments. This form of manual therapy might involve holding, moving, and applying pressure to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

What Are the Benefits of a Regular Massage?

Massage lovers will tell you that the immediate benefit of a massage is the way it gives you a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. A massage prompts the release of endorphins and lowers the levels of stress hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine. Physically, a massage will also help to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. You can furthermore enjoy increased joint mobility and flexibility, as well as improved skin tone. If you have any injuries or areas of ongoing pain, massage can assist in relieving some of this discomfort. In terms of mental health, it is shown to heighten alertness and even reduce anxiety and depression. In short, the benefits of getting a massage are numerous and can differ from person to person.

What Is a Japanese-Style Massage?

A Japanese-style massage is similar to a standard massage in that it aims to promote health and relaxation. The difference is that this specific form of massage has its roots in acupuncture, oriental massage and traditional Chinese medicine. It is generally considered to be a more vigorous form of massage, involving grasping, kneading and pressing, but it also includes plenty of light tapping and stroking. Japanese massage was developed to support the connection between body and mind, working with the whole person rather than treating specific symptoms. Each treatment is catered to the individual and will differ according to that person’s energy levels and the state of their health. This practice might involve putting pressure on acupressure points and meridians using the thumbs, palms, elbows and knees. Most treatments cover the whole body and include massage and joint manipulation. Usually, the patient is asked to lie or sit in a comfortable position while remaining fully clothed.

Benefits of a Japanese-Style Massage

Japanese massages, which are also known as shiatsu massages, can relieve various forms of pain and improve overall health. For example, these treatments can be enormously helpful for those suffering from back pain, migraines, menstrual cramps, constipation or gas. They improve blood circulation, energy flow and muscle function. A Japanese-style massage can additionally improve your immune system, reducing your chances of falling victim to an infection. It can energise your body, boost your mood and help you get a full night’s sleep, leading to a feeling of being invigorated and ready to take on the day. Unlike other forms of massage, this treatment aims to encourage healing and comfort for your mental and spiritual—as well as your physical—health. It offers a unique experience that understands your specific body and energy.

Ready To Try Japanese-Style Massage?

As wonderful as a standard massage can be, Japanese massages offer something that others simply cannot replicate. If you feel you could be getting more from your massages, give Japanese-style massages a go! These treatments take inspiration from a number of highly-regarded healing methods and are more streamlined to meet your individual needs. If you’re seeking Japanese-style massage treatments in Melbourne, visit the incredible team at Izumi Massage. A local leader in Japanese-style massage, Izumi is a sanctuary in the middle of the bustling city. Contact them today for a high-quality, luxury experience like no other.

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