How a Few Fish Friends Can Change Your Outlook for the Better

Fish are not the most conventional pets, but they might be the perfect companions for you! These sweet little guys can actually make a huge difference in shifting your outlook and improving your mental health. This is because taking care of fish is like taking up a new hobby, such as painting or gardening. It is fun and fulfilling, and invites something positive into your home and your life. You can enjoy the company of a new friend as well as the beauty of an elegant aquarium that you personally selected and decorated. And these are just some of the plus-sides — once you have your fish, you’ll be swimming in benefits!

Are Pet Fish Good for Mental Health?

Ever wonder why fish tanks are such popular displays for the waiting rooms of doctors’ and dentists’ offices? Studies have shown that the therapeutic effects of fish tanks actually reduce blood pressure and agitation. Something about the sound of running water, the beauty of colourful plants, and the sight of fish swimming back and forth relaxes people. This is why aquariums are such great additions to spaces in which people tend to feel stressed. It is also why caring for and spending time with fish is so beneficial to one’s mental health. This practice connects you with animals and nature, and leads to the development of healthy habits and routines. All of these factors contribute to better mental health.

How Fish Friends Prevent Loneliness

Some people rule out the possibility of having pet fish because they feel that they won’t be able to connect with or befriend these animals. But, in fact, many breeds of fish are more intelligent than we give them credit for. Some have the ability to recognise faces, and bettas can learn tricks and show off their great personalities. Even if you choose to befriend a more humble fish, the presence of a living creature can be extremely comforting. Fish are wonderful company and exceptional listeners. For those who don’t have the time or energy for a larger animal, they are ideal. People with mobility issues in particular will appreciate a companion that doesn’t want to play or be walked. At the end of the day, just having a little friend to see and talk to is enough to boost your mood and prevent feelings of loneliness. 

Using Fish Tank Maintenance to Establish A Routine

For someone with mental health struggles, having a structured routine can be extremely helpful. Pets are great for encouraging structure because they need regular attention and care. The trouble occurs when these pets demand a little too much of us, or have specific needs that we simply can’t meet on a regular basis. A lovely thing about fish is that all they require on a daily basis is for you to turn their light on, feed them,and carry out maintenance checks. This is enough to motivate you and help you create a routine, but isn’t so much as to immediately overwhelm. Aquariums also require weekly and monthly chores, such as cleaning the tank or possibly shopping for fish supplies. Completing these chores provides a sense of achievement, productivity and fulfilled responsibility. 

How Aquariums Promote Sleep

In recent years, research has made it more and more obvious that most people need a calming environment to sleep soundly. This is why it is so often suggested that you separate your bedroom from your work space. Your bedroom should be completely stress-free, and it should make it easy for you to carry out a relaxing nightly routine. Fish tanks contribute to a relaxing environment by producing soothing naturalistic sounds. Specifically, the trickling and bubbling noises of the water can have a similar effect as a sound machine. Watching fish swim leisurely around their tank is also an ideal meditative precursor to sleep. Interacting with an aquarium gives you a break from technology and allows you to enjoy the calm, tranquil ambiance of an underwater setting. It is a perfect way to end the evening and make that mental transition from daytime to nighttime. 

Connecting With Nature Via Fishy Friends

With our lives being as busy as they are, it’s very easy to become disconnected from nature. The majority of us work long hours within man-made environments and spend our free time surrounded by technology. Even when we do find opportunities to interact with nature, it’s usually only for a short period of time, and we then have to return to our homes. Fortunately, there are ways to invite natural elements into our private spaces. Plants are a very popular way to add some colour and variety to our surroundings, and to interrupt the artificial feel that a lot of modern homes have. Aquariums are another great method by which to achieve this look and feel. Fish are beautiful, colourful creatures, and you can add aquarium ornaments to their tank to bring even more visual elements into the mix. Interacting with these animals on a daily basis can help you feel connected with nature from the comfort of your home.

Where Should You Start?

If you’re impatient to meet your new friend, don’t worry. We recommend Aquarium Kingdom to help you get your tank set up as soon as possible. They’re experts in home aquariums and understand better than anyone the major benefits associated with keeping fish as pets. Plus, they can answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the fish supplies and aquarium ornaments you need to get your fish tank up and running. Visit their online store today to get started!

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