Why You Can Skip the Foundation When You Do Your Makeup

Foundation was once a staple in everyone’s makeup routine — but not anymore. If you’re thinking of changing up your products or experimenting with “no makeup” makeup looks, consider cutting foundation out of your routine. Using alternative coverage or skipping this step altogether can have major benefits for your skin and your overall makeup look. So, why not give it a try? 

Do You Have to Wear Foundation to Wear Makeup?

The idea of going foundation-free can be nice, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we want to have completely naked faces. Makeup can be a really fun way to express ourselves, to accessorise, and to boost our confidence before an outing. Just because foundation doesn’t appeal to you anymore, doesn’t mean you have to throw all your makeup away! You can always skip this part of your routine, or you can find new products to replace your foundation. There are actually many great alternatives to foundation that will give you the light coverage you’re looking for. Tinted moisturisers and BB creams are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide some coverage without creating that ‘cakey’ affect. Instead, these products produce a dewy and fresh glow that brightens the face in a way that looks natural and seamless.

Why Beauty Trends Are Moving Away From Full Face Foundation

A few years ago, the full glam makeup look dominated beauty trends. It seemed like everyone had a full face of foundation, with dark contouring, dazzling highlighter and squared brows. More recently, this look has given way to something totally different — the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. In 2021, searches for videos on natural makeup looks went up by 515%. Meanwhile, the #nomakeupmakeup hashtag on TikTok had around 63.4 million views. 

According to Emma Fishwick, account manager at NPD, this change is largely inspired by the pandemic. During this time of social isolation, many consumers focused on repairing and rejuvenating their skin rather than covering it up. They established healthy skincare routines that they didn’t want to ruin once the lockdowns ended. Additionally, many of us now work from home on a regular basis, and are therefore less likely to wear a full face of makeup everyday. Recent trends value natural, healthy, glowy looks, and products that brighten the skin with ingredients like vitamin C and niacinamide. Looking at these trends, it’s safe to say that foundation is no longer a given in the average makeup routine. 

Skipping Foundation Leads to Better, Healthier Skin

As we’ve already mentioned, foundation can be the cause of some skin issues. This is because many foundations have high levels of mineral oil or other comedogenic ingredients like silicones. These ingredients clog the pores and inflame the skin, creating breakouts and forming an uneven surface. When you wear less foundation, you give your face a chance to breathe, improving the overall health of your skin. This won’t necessarily mean that you’ll be breakout and blemish free 24/7, but it will mean that your skin will be clearer than it was before. So while accepting your skin without foundation might be difficult now, it will get easier over time. Eventually, you’ll feel confident enough in your bare skin to leave the house and attend social events foundation-free!

There Are Other Methods to Improve Your Skin Too

Have you ever asked yourself why you use foundation? For many of us, it is to cover up the specific parts of our skin that we perceive as flawed. If you have oily skin, you might be tempted to wear foundation constantly as a way to hide your flare ups. Unfortunately, using concealer and foundation to cover your spots often creates a cakey appearance and irritates the area further. Instead of doing this, consider implementing a thorough skincare routine. Skin specialists generally recommend that you deeply cleanse your face morning and night, making sure to remove all makeup, dirt and pollution from the day. To truly take care of your skin, you need a decent makeup remover, good cleanser, tailored serums and moisturiser. 

Alternatively, if you use foundation to hide an uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, you can switch to products with brightening and illuminating ingredients. 

It is also important to remember that you must consider sun protection in your daily routine. If you previously relied on your foundation to contain SPF, you will need to compensate for this loss with sunscreen.

Embrace Your Natural Skin!

It’s easy to forget how beautiful you are when you’re used to seeing your face in heavy makeup. Switching to products that provide light coverage will help you recognise the beauty in your skin and your natural features. Once you get used to leaving the house without any coverage at all, you’ll become even happier with your appearance. If you want to regain your confidence and rejuvenate your skin, consider skipping foundation!

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